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I'm a total 90s kid. I grew up watching Saturday Morning Cartoons, Attitude Era Pro Wrestling, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American Gladiators, TGIF, and all the other glorious 90s TV we were given in the best decade ever.

It's always fun to go back and watch these shows. We used to have to do it on VHS tapes we would use to record SNICK if we had a football game, or to record one show so in the bedroom so you would watch something else in the living room. Then we got DVD box sets of our favorite 90s shows, and now we can just watch on our streaming services. If we were to go back and tell our 1997 selves about how we watch those shows today, the most mind-blowing part of the streaming experience would probably be that we can watch on our phones.

But the thing at we might miss the most when rewatching our favorites are those classic 1990s commercials. Man there were some good ones, and some terrible ones, and some that were so terrible they were good.

Today I tripped over a handful of these today on Youtube (imagine explaining the concept of YouTube to your 1997 self too), and it instantly took me back to my younger years. So then I started poking around to find some Shreveport specific classics, and the internet did not disappoint.

From malls to video stores, here's a trip down memory lane in Shreveport, through TV commercials that 90s Shreveport kids will remember...

Video-One - Ten Locations (1990)

Louisiana Gas Service - with Ernest (80s and 90s)

Mall St. Vincent - Holidays (1996)

Campo - Grand Opening (1994)

Mega Buck Thunder - National Bull Ride Championship (1996)

Linwood Auto Mile (1994)

Fox 33 - Teacher Of The Week

Putt-Putt Golf & Games - Birthday Party Package (1990)

Water Town USA - Season Pass (1994)

Sonny's Catfish & Seafood - Boat (1997)


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