First off, I think Elon Musk is pretty cool.  The founder of Space X, Tesla, and The Boring Company (which is actually very exciting) has some pretty impressive notches on his belt.  He launched a convertible, electric sports car (that his company built) into space on a giant rocket (that his company built) just to make sure he had the most impressive story at the next billionaires with spaceships ice cream social - Sorry Richard Branson.

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The ultra-rich, ultra-eccentric genius, who holds simultaneous South African, Canadian, and U.S. citizenship, has hit a rough patch.  He has recently come under fire from the Securities and Exchanges Commission, who accused him of securities fraud.  That accusation sent a shock wave through one of the companies he founded, was the CEO, is the lead designer, and chairman of - Tesla.  When Tesla tried to remove him from his position, Musk threatened to quit outright - taking the company's greatest asset (his mind) with him.  Tesla caved and agreed to fight the SEC on the side of their founder, as well they should.  Obviously, all off this tomfoolery made Tesla stock plummet when the rumor hit that he was out - only to rise again om the news he was staying!  My point is, if they guy can manipulate the market so significantly by merely suggesting that he might not go to work - imagine what he could do if was really mad.

Just hear me out, cause I know it sounds a little crazy at first.  Elon Musk is becoming a James Bond level Supervillian.  If anyone has the ability to put a giant laser on the moon - it's this guy!

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In conclusion, I'm not suggesting that we give him a free pass.  I realize that his wild and unpredictable behavior might not be good for the business world.  Maybe he is too much of a visionary to be anything more than a lead designer and/or leader of the world.  Just maybe stop pushing him, or he's going to start considering the second option.

If you are Elon Musk, and you are reading this article - please send me an application for an entry-level hench-person (pc-friendly) before you move into your volcano-base.