Many of you had the chance to meet her in Shreveport at Geek'd Con 2016.  And now she may be coming back to reprise one of her most popular roles--Mary Sanderson in Hocus Pocus.

The announcement came yesterday that David Kirschner, one of the original producers of the classic Disney movie, and writer Scarlett Lacey are in the early stages of development of a new Hocus Pocus for the Disney Channel.

I have a special fondness for this movie because both of my daughters were little when it was released.  They loved that movie, and still do.  I never actually watched the film, though it feels like I know it by heart.  That's because the audio emanated from the back seat of our Suburban as the kids watched it on VHS during long road trips.

Hocus Pocus is still wildly popular.  Freeform runs the movie 24 hours straight on Halloween.  No doubt you'll see the group costume at a Halloween party this year.  There was even a musical adaptation which was performed in Los Angeles.

Back in 2014 co-star Bette Midler began championing the idea of a sequel.  Najimy and co-star Sarah Jessica Parker say they're on board.  But will the new film actually be a sequel.  Kirschner and Lacey are calling it a "new incarnation".  And they have given no hint as to whether or not the original cast will even be involved.

So, we'll all just have to wait and see what happens.  Unless somebody wants to work a little hocus pocus and gaze into their crystal ball to tell us the future.

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