Your help is needed to find out how bad the digital divide is in Shreveport. A committee of the Economic Recovery Task Force’s is launching a 30-day survey campaign to gather data on residents with or without access to broadband in Shreveport.
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This panel wants to find out who has connection to the internet in our community. The Digital Infrastructure Committee is a group of folks who live in and support Shreveport and its residents. They are searching for ways we can increase connectivity across the city for educational and work purposes.
You are encouraged to take the survey. You do have to be 18. Data collected from the survey will not be used or sold to any corporation for purposes of marketing or selling things to you.
This data will be shared with government agencies in an effort to improve service. The results will all be reported anonymously. You will find the survey asking questions about what you use the internet for, where you are when you access the internet and how much you pay for your service. These are just a few of the questions you will be asked.

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