In May of 2016, the state of Louisiana "legalized" cannabis as a treatment option for patients with qualifying conditions.  It wasn't available right away, as the process that changes this idea into reality is very lengthy.  Policy and procedure had to be established, then authorized growers had to be selected, and doctors willing to write the “physician recommendation form," had to submit an application and be vetted before any one could legally use the controversial drug here in the Bayou State.  Even after all of that, legal patients in Louisiana will have to wait for the marijuana to be grown and processed into the state's legally acceptable form.

The good news for those waiting for moment they can get their 'script is:  Louisiana is getting close.  In October, only 2 doctors had applied for the ability to recommend cannabis therapy.  Now that number has jumped to 6.  Eventually, the law will allow patients that suffer from cancer, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy and a few other conditions to have access to medicinal oils, pills, sprays and topical applications - but no smoke-able forms of the drug have been made legal yet.  Patients should be able to benefit from the program starting summer 2018.

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