US Senator Bill Cassidy talks about the storms that have ravages the southern part of the state and how soon federal relief could be on the way.

Cassidy is visiting the Lake Charles area hardest hit by heavy rains that began earlier this week.

"The President would be the one who has to sign the bill," says Cassidy, referring to efforts at disaster relief money from Washington, "The President came to Louisiana and I met him in New Orleans...and I'm meeting with key members of his administration and then working with fellow Senators. You've just got to push, push push. Nothing in Washington is easy, but we're going to keep pushing until we finally (get it done).

"I'm meeting with a key decision maker next week. We've already spoken, but we'll meet again and we are lining up my fellow Senators. I'm hoping we can get this through in the next few weeks."

Here are all of Cassidy's remarks regarding the storm situation and the coming cleanup.

And what about the amount of emergency dollars that could be headed our way? "Governor Edwards has requested...three billion dollars," the Senator says, "That sometimes can get pared down, but that's the initial request."

And Cassidy then describes some of the things he's seen across the southern part of the state. "It's not that the water can't drain," he says, "It's just that there's so much of it all at once and for so many people down here, it's just one more thing."


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