Last week we were visited by the Big Mac Fairy from McDonalds.  Ok, so it wasn't a "fairy" so much as it was a very representative.  She brought us the new "Grand Mac," and "Mac Jr." which were delicious! If you like the OG Big Mac, these are just bigger and smaller options.  The key ingredient is the magical and greatly coveted "Special Sauce."

Until now, you could only get this by exploring the darkest back alleys of eBay.  Usually, it was a vaguely McDonalds-esque logo-ed jug or huge tube of the stuff.  Let's be honest, you can't guarantee the safety or authenticity of a jug/tube of the Moscow Mikey D's "sauce especial."  There was no way to make sure you weren't getting the swap-meet Ronald until now.

When these babies hit the scene, the Big-Macoshpere lost it's mind.  This website is claiming that some auctions for the stuff have reached $50,000!  The highest I saw was $96 - but I think you can see the "Golden Ticket" effect taking place here.  You are looking at honest-to-goodness, McDonald's sanctioned, factory-sealed Big-Mac Special Sauce approved for home use!  Really, you can use this at home without a specially trained crew of Hamburglers crashing through your windows to arrest you for copyright infringement.  We gave away some of the liquid gold earlier, but the rumor is - there's still a bottle floating around here somewhere.

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