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Caddo Sheriff's Department

Retirement pay. It was once the standard for nearly every occupation in America. An employee would work the stipulated prerequisite amount of years and at that point they were afforded the opportunity to call it a day and receive pension benefits for the remainder of their lives.

Those days are pretty much gone. In fact, I've joked for years that as a disc jockey, we are on the "work 'til you die plan." Sure, we have a 401-K, but essentially you retire when you think you've saved enough of your own money to go to the house forever. It's a tough decision, at the very least, and most often employees like this never fully benefit from the "retired golden years" life that those on a pension will enjoy.

However, there are still a few of those careers out there, and one of them lies within the ranks of the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department.

If you're a forward thinking kind of person who's smart enough to latch onto an opportunity like this, especially at a young age, you can be one of the fortunate few. And the good news is that the Caddo Sherriff's Department is hiring!

They are looking to fill several key positions and if you think you've got the goods and a desire to pursue a career with the CPSO, these positions might be of interest to you:

  • POST Certified Deputy
  • Corrections Deputy
  • LPNs and RNs
  • Part Time Positions - Paramedics

Just look at the extensive list of benefits they offer.


  • Annual scheduled longevity increases after three (3) years of service
  • Supplemental state pay for POST-certified employees
  • Annual education, physical fitness and firearms incentive pay plan


  • Comprehensive medical/dental insurance
  • Insurance premiums for deputies fully paid by CPSO
  • Paid life insurance at two and a half (2 1/2) times annual salary


  • Excellent pension plan and vesting opportunities after twelve (12) years of service
  • Option to participate in the Nationwide and Prudential deferred compensation programs


  • Continuing education and training opportunities
  • Incentive pay


  • Two weeks paid sick and vacation leave accrued each year
  • Twelve (12) paid holidays per year


  • Membership in professional law enforcement organizations
  • Furnished uniforms and equipment
  • Eligibility for credit union membership
  • Option to participate in the IRS Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

Think this might be right up your alley? Just call 318-681-0812 or go to caddosheriff.org to start the process!

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