Hurricane Matthew has claimed more than 250 lives and the death toll is expected to climb. The East Coast of the United States is now dealing with the storm. Millions of people have been ordered to evacuate. Some have chosen to ride it out and the Governor of Florida says "this storm will kill you" as he urged folks to leave. Governor Rick Scott says "This is a monster. We haven't seen anything like this in my lifetime."

Scott has this message for folks who decide to try to ride out the storm:

I can not send first responders in to save your life. If you're on a barrier island on the East Coast, or if you're in a mobile home or you're in a place that sees flooding, you have got to get out. Getting to a shelter might be your only way to survive. Take care of your family.

News 7 in Miami is broadcasting live as the storm moves into Florida.

Watch the interactive hurricane tracker from The Weather Channel.

Here is amazing video of Hurricane Matthew from the ISS International Space Station

Hurricane Matthew is currently a category 4 storm which has roared through Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas and it's now impacting the East Coast of the United States. Millions of people have been ordered to evacuate as the storm continues its destructive course with winds topping 140mph.

Hurricane Matthew has left a path of destruction. The hardest hit is Haiti where some towns were completely obliterated.

The pilot who took this video, which was provided by the non-profit organization Haitian Health Foundation, says the town of Jeremie is "wiped out. Barely 1 percent of houses are standing. Most of the people are alive ... they survived. But soon, they may starve. They're cut-off from the outside world.