I've been seeing and hearing a bunch of ads lately for these genealogy web sites claiming that you can research your family history and find out who your ancestors are.  This sounds exciting because maybe you can find out that you're related to the Queen Of England or Genghis Khan or someone else important.  But, then I started thinking how much personal info do I have to provide or, better yet, how much of my personal info do they already have? So I clicked on Family Tree Now and was appalled.  Not only do they have my name and address; but they have my past addresses, my family members' names, and even information on my in-laws.  And it's available for ANYONE to see.

The good news is, the info can be removed.  So, if you've checked it out, and would like to get your information off of the site, go to familytreenow.com/optout and follow the steps.  It may take up to 48 hours for the data to be removed, but at least you know you'll be keeping your family safe.

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