If you've been paying attention to Damian Wayne for even just a little while, you already know he's one Robin you don't want to cross. Batman's son is just that much of a bad little dude. Depending on which alternate timeline you believe happens, he also grows up to be Batman, or in the case of Injustice, he sticks around as Robin after maybe not-so-accidentally killing Nightwing. Five years after the events of the first game, Damian is back, and judging by this new trailer for Injustice 2, he's still just as angry with his father as ever.

So as it turns out, being born from the same cloth as the leadership of the League of Assassins and Batman makes you a magnificently shifty fighting game character. The gadget-based gameplay Robin has makes uses of all manner of batarangs, explosives, smoke grenades, and though he doesn't have a staff, he sure has a sharp sword. Some of his attacks are just absolutely brutal, including sticking that sword in an opposing character's gut and then using it as a springboard for a kick to the face.

That super attack is just gnarly as all get out though. First, Robin throws five different explosive batarangs, then leaps into a major slice and dice combo before bowing down and letting those explosives do the rest of the work. Damian taking out his aggression on his father is nothing new of course, but we've never seen him be quite so brutal to Bruce. It is still strange to see the two at odds in the Injustice universe, but Damian did always believe his father never went far enough in his quest for making Gotham safe. Doesn't excuse him for teaming up with Superman's Regime, but there's always time for a change of heart.

Injustice 2 will be out on May 16 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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