Nickolos Marchiafava was sentenced to 15 years in prison for felony theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in 2005.  On December 6th of 2017, he was released early along with 4,104 other non-violent offenders selected to help reduce the state's prison population.  The problem is, Nickolos wasn't supposed to be released as part of this program.  Due to a clerical oversight, he was released by mistake and must return to prison.

In his 47 days of accidental freedom, Mr. Marchiafava tried to re-integrate himself into society.  He moved from a homeless shelter into an apartment, and even found a job.  All of that ended yesterday, when (according to the Advocate) he turned himself in to his parole officer.  Officials will recommend that Marchiafava serve out the rest of his sentence at a work release program in West Baton Rouge Parish.  He should be released on April 22nd.  The Department of Corrections is investigating the mistake.

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