Drew Brees Keeps Bringing the Goodness to Town and We Keep Loving It.

First, it was Walk-Ons, then he brought Surge Entertainment which is packed on the weekends. It's obvious that anything that Drew Brees brings to Shreveport-Bossier will be well received.

Drew Bree's Latest Shreveport-Bossier Adventure is Another Restaurant.

We have all watched Smalls Sliders go up on Youree Drive at Carroll Street in the Broadmoor neighborhood. The lot was cleared and construction crews wasted no time, in fact, this is record time in getting something built around Shreveport-Bossier at least in my opinion. How'd they pull it off building it so fast? Storage containers. Take a close look at the building next time you drive by.

I Had to See if Smalls Sliders Was Worth the Hype.

When my friend Hillary and I drove up we saw a line that wrapped around and I was worried we would end up spending an hour trying to get lunch. We ended up parking and from the time we ordered and to the time we got our food it was a whole 7 minutes. Super fast for a super busy spot.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

They Keep it Simple at Smalls Sliders.

You can choose from four combo meals. They are one, two, three, or four sliders with fries and a drink. Do you want to "Biggie Smalls" the slider? This doubled the cheese and meat. You can also add a crispy piece of bacon to it. There is also a queso option that is supposed to go with the fries but I put it on my burger and it was delicious.

What Stole the Show For Me?

Those waffle fries. These things are delicious and they taste just like curly fries. Although they were messing with me because the shape didn't match the taste, I loved them. Dip them in queso or ketchup they're excellent either way.

I Will Go Back to Smalls Sliders as Soon as I Find Another Friend Who Wants to Try Them.

Yes, it is worth the hype and you won't wait as long as you expect. The staff was so courteous even though it was a million degrees outside. Good food, great employees, plus a short wait time, equals a great experience for me.

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