Did you hear? It looks like the Discovery Channel will be making a series on the Fouke Monster and they are coming to Fouke, Arkansas

We all know the stories of the Fouke Monster now the rest of the world will know about him when this series airs.

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A filming crew is scheduled to come into town at the end of June. The new series will be all about our local famous Fouke Monster.

The producer and film crew are asking if anyone would like to volunteer and help in a “Grid Search”.


How would you like to help an be a part of this special series?
The filming will take place on Saturday, June 29. That is when they will be conducting a grid search on private property for any signs of the Fouke Monster.

Volunteers will be needed between 3 PM and  8 PM.


If you are interested you can like the post on Facebook or leave a comment on the Facebook post on the City of Fouke Facebook page.

Do you believe in the Fouke Monster? Have you ever seen him before?

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