Did you know it is improper to dispose of an old US flag by simply throwing it away? I'm sure it happens all the time, but it's wrong. The proper way to do it is in a flag retirement ceremony, the question is, how do you get it into the hands of someone who is going to do one of those ceremonies? Read on... 

We happen to know of a ceremony that's coming up in January that can take care of that very thing.

Male Veteran soldier, back to camera, saluting United States of America flag.


Saturday, January 13, Cub Scout Pack and Scouting Troop 19, along with dedicated veterans of Arkansas VFW Post #4562 will be performing a proper US Flag retirement ceremony at 1 PM. The public is invited to bring unserviceable flags to this event.

Not sure where it is?

Properly Disposing of the US Flag

Far too many men and women have died for that flag for it to be disrespected in any way. That's why scouts and veterans groups all over the county hold these ceremonies regularly, to be sure we all have a chance to give the respect and honor the flag deserves when displaying time has come to an end.

Veteran Salutes the US Flag

To learn more about this January 13 flag retirement ceremony, please contact VFW Volunteer Kenneth Payne at 903-701-1678.

The Department Of Defence website explains the process during an American Legion Ceremony in the picture above:

Participants stand aligned in two parallel rows about 20 feet apart, facing each other. A small fire burns beyond the rows of members, opposite the Legion commander.

An airman stands by as a scout leader salutes an older veteran. Several young men stand with them, three of whom are holding unserviceable flags.
The flags that are no longer serviceable are presented to Legion commanders, who inspect them to make sure they should, in fact, be discarded. When it's agreed upon that they've reached their current worn state due to proper service of tribute, memory and love, a color guard presents the colors and a chaplain offers prayers.

As the crowd salutes, the flag detail dips the retired flags into kerosene and puts them on a rack over the fire. A bugler sounds "To the Colors."

We The People - US Constitution

Please don't just chuck your old flag on a backyard burn pile or wad it up and throw it in the trash, drop it off with a local veterans organization, Scout Troop, or Cub Pack so they can see to it that it's done properly and respectfully.

Thank you.

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