Our latest information shows 9 new Buc-ee's locations in the works, officially... But thanks to some terrific sleuthing from reporter Shelli Poole from MySaline.com, it appears Buc-ee's first location in Arkansas could be just up the road near Little Rock.

Financebuzz.com recently reported on the 9 new Buc-ee's locations in the works, including 2 more in Texas, and they are:

  1. Auburn, Alabama
  2. Smiths Cove, Kentucky
  3. Sevierville, Tennessee
  4. Johnstown, Colorado
  5. Harrison County, Mississippi
  6. Boerne, Texas
  7. Hillsboro, Texas
  8. Anderson, South Carolina
  9. Springfield, Missouri

An I-30 Arkansas Location?

No, it's not "official" yet but according to this article, all the signs are pointing to Buc-ee's possibly coming to Benton, Arkansas in the near future.

Jim Weaver
Jim Weaver

Those Signs?

Recently the City of Benton put 29 acres of prime I-30 access land up for bids and one bid came in from a company that runs travel centers and is based in Pearland, Texas.  Isn't Buc-ee's based in Pearland?

A few of the details from the report; The travel center would employ about 250 people making about $16 - $18 per hour plus benefits and vacation. The center would get about 5 million visitors per year and obviously bring a significant tax revenue benefit for the area. The proposal said construction would begin within a year with the center open within 3 years.

New Travel Center - Google Maps Canva

If you have been reading my articles for any length of time, you already know I am a big Buc-ee's fan, maybe this one will pan out. Let's just hope the mess, I mean, the construction in that area is done long before the beaver gets there. If, he's coming.

Construction on I-30 in Benton as of June 2023 - Google Maps
Construction on I-30 in Benton as of June 2023 - Google Maps

Right now the nearest Buck-ee's we have is headed West on I-30 toward Big D, in Royce City. Wouldn't it be a hoot to have a Beaver Nugget stop heading East as well?

Just An Observation

The last 3 times I stopped at a Buc-ee's in the last couple of months riding the Texas roads, they were soooooo busy, it almost wasn't worth it. Almost. The 3 locations were I-45 in Madisonville, I-10 in Katy, and I-30 in Royse City. I guess that means they just need to build more.

Nothing to see here... JimWeaver
Nothing to see here... JimWeaver

Bring on the Beaver!

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