Sad to report that the Texarkana Arkansas School District is losing its Superintendent after after working in the district for two decades holding many positions. Dr. Becky Kesler recently officially announced that she would be resigning, effective June 2024.

Dr. Kesler has over 37 years in education with 21 of those years servicing TASD. She started here career with TASD back in July 2003 as the principal of Union Elementary.


She has held various positions in the school district, including principal, human resource
manager, and superintendent of schools.

Dr. Kesler stated in a press release,

It is going to be a sad day when I leave my office for the last time because I love this place so much. Our district and campus leadership teams are second to none, and I can’t wait to see what successes lie ahead for students, staff, and the community.


Through Dr. Kesler's career as superintendent, she was able to align salary schedules and decrease compensation gaps within the district.

She was there to lead the district into the renovation of the Razorback Stadium, the construction of a new middle school campus and the band hall expansion.

School, backpack, back

She also led the way for TASD to increase its security presence and building entry and visitor check-in procedures to keep our students safe. She was also part of building the partnership with UAHT for the Arkansas High Collegiate Academy. A popular program allowing high school students to earn their Associate’s Degree and high school diploma simultaneously.
The Board of Education President Jesse Buchanan said that in addition to the expansions

 Dr. Kesler increased staff salaries by approximately 28% through raises, bonuses, and
retention incentives making TASD more competitive in the field of education.

Soon the search for a new superintended will begin...

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