If you love pizza, we have the top three pizza chains to avoid in Louisiana.  We have all the details.

Photo by Shourav Sheikh on Unsplash
Photo by Shourav Sheikh on Unsplash

As we know all too well, all pizza is not created equally.  In fact, 24/7 Wall Street recently wrote an article about the top pizza chains to avoid. Obviously, the three chains we will talk about here are known for their cheap prices which usually translates into inferior pizza.

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The Top 3 Pizza Chains To Avoid Eating At In Louisiana:

3. Little Caesars

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Little Caesars may have the convivence aspect of their business on lock, but according to 24/7 Wall Street their strongest criticism is low quality ingredients. Their business model is focused on speed and affordability.

Little Caesars is one of my favorite "value pies". In my opinion their pizza taste really good for the price point and their thin crust pizza is awesome.  My wife isn't a fan of their pizza, but loves the crazy bread.  My kids are kids, they like it too. I for one am glad to see them back in the pizza space.

There are 28 Little Caesars locations in Louisiana.

2. CiCi's

Photo by Diego Marín on Unsplash
Photo by Diego Marín on Unsplash

CiCi's main business model is a buffet-style eating experience. So they value quantity over quality. Prices vary by location, but the average price is around $9 for adults and $6 for kids.

If you're just looking to get full at a very affordable price, CiCi's is the place for you.  If you're looking for any shred of flavor, stay away.

Common Criticisms:

  • Lack of freshness
  • Flavorless sauce
  • Off-putting cheese consistency

CiCi's Pizza has 8 Locations In Louisiana

1. Chuck E. Cheese's

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Yes, Chuck E. Cheese's is a pizza restaurant, however it's so much more than that.  It's an experience. Games, birthday parties, someone dancing in a Chuck E. Cheese costume. I've never gone there just for the pizza.  It's always just something to eat their while the family plays games.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to beg my parents on many weekends to go so we could see the animatronic band. “The Pizza Time Players" rock the stage while eating subpar pizza. Recently the chain has moved away from the nostalgia and invested $300 million to upgrade the franchise’s “fun centers.”

Common Criticisms:

  • Unappetizing cheese
  • Toppings that lack quality
  • Cardboard-like crust
  • High prices

Chuck E. Cheese's has 10 locations in Locations:

  • Alexandria (1)
  • Baton Rouge (1)
  • Bossier City (1)
  • Covington (1)
  • Houma (1)
  • Lafayette (1)
  • Lake Charles (1)
  • Metairie (1)
  • Monroe (1)
  • New Orleans (1)

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