Lately, a lot of talk about getting rid of self-checkout in Texas has dominated the shopping headlines. The main reason for getting rid of it is that stores have become more prone to things being stolen as people look for ways around paying for items at the checkout lane.

Even if all the self-checkout machines disappeared from Walmart, it may not shut down the theft that occurs there. A lot of theft for Walmart isn't even happening at the self-checkout lane. It happens before they ever make it there.

Walmart is one of the few companies at the moment where their profits are on the rise, but with that comes more people in the store. With more people in the store, it means theft rises along with profits.

Walmart has been experiencing different types of theft recently, and it's costing them a ton of money, even as they rake in bigger profits than in the past. There are your typical petty shoplifters who walk in, grab something small, slip it in a pocket, and then walk out of the store. There is also organized theft, which includes multiple people working together to methodically steal items from the store.

So what are the most stolen items at Walmart in Texas? Some of it may surprise you.

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Now, it's tough to get out of a store with bigger toys and not pay for them. So shoplifters are targeting the smaller items.

Items such as Hot Wheels, Pokemon cards, etc. seem to be the most stolen items when it comes to toys. Some Walmarts have completely removed Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and sports cards entirely because of it. I know for a fact the Walmart on Georgia and I-27 has gotten rid of them.

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We all need food to survive, however, it's not something you think about being one of the most shoplifted items.

Food products such as pre-packaged deli meat, baby food, and yes, liquor are among the food/drink items stolen most often.

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When you think of electronics, you imagine things like video game consoles and TV's. However, it's impossible to get out of the store without paying for those items.

Shoplifters instead target items such as watches, chargers, and smartphones if you can believe it. We're not talking about iPhones where you get service through Verizon or someone like that. They're snagging those prepaid phones, taking them out of the box, then walking out with them.

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One of the easiest and most inconspicuous items a shoplifter can snag. Yes, the more expensive items will be locked away in the display case, but that leaves a lot of the more inexpensive items out there for everyone to grab.

Among the favorites to be stolen are earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They are easy to hide and slide in a pocket without even being seen grabbing them.

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This one is kind of in the same vein as jewelry. When you go into any Walmart here in Texas, you'll find the cosmetics aisles are a bit more lit up than anywhere else in the store, and you can see yourself on camera while you're in there.

That's because, like those small jewelry items, it's easy to hide and slip in a pocket. Walmart in Texas has installed cameras all over the place and also installed a counter with someone manning it at all times to make sure you're seen.

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