SHREVEPORT, LA – How long has it been since you’ve gotten a speeding ticket in Louisiana? It’s been many years for me. But I’m sure I break the speeding laws on a daily basis. And I am not alone. I see folks flying every day, especially on I-20.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

How Big Is the Speeding Problem?

I do see police running radar every now and then. They typically will set up a speed trap with about a dozen officers involved. Across the nation, almost 10 million Americans get pulled over for speeding every year. About 8.6 million speeding tickets are issued every year.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCartyPhoto by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Cost?

If you get a speeding ticket, you can expect to pay a fine of about $125 dollars, but even higher if you really had the peddle to the metal. But that’s not the only cost. Forbes Advisor did a report on the insurance costs of a ticket. The data shows just one speeding ticket can mean a 24% increase in insurance costs. That averages about $400 more a year.

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How Many Drivers Get Caught Speeding?

Across the country, more than 10% of all drivers have a speeding ticket currently on their driving record. By the way, the top state for getting a speeding ticket is Ohio according to RateGenius. More than 16% of drivers in Ohio have a speeding ticket on their record. But Insurify data says North Dakota residents get more tickets than drivers in any other state.

Insurify did a study of all these speeding tickets and identified the top 10 cars pulled over for speeding.

Top 10 Cars Pulled Over for Speeding

What model cars are stopped the most for speeding?