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There are some things about automation I've become very fond of.  I know most people reading this won't remember this, but I remember when we started pumping our own gas. It was revolutionary.  No more having to run carbon-copy imprints of your gas station credit card.

Target Announces Its Cutting Prices On Many Frequently Purchased Items
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Something else I prefer when I'm shopping is bagging my own groceries.  Honestly, there's an art to it, and most people don't have it.  Especially when we used to bag them in the good ol' huge paper bags.  It also avoids that awkward, "I don't have any cash" for the tip for the poor kid having to push my buggy out into the hot parking lot.

Target Announces Its Cutting Prices On Many Frequently Purchased Items
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


Something else I prefer is scanning my own items.  It's easier, it's faster, and I can get on my way.  But now, there are a few dirt-bags who've ruined this for us.  Very soon, Target is making some changes to their self-checkouts, which include limiting the number of items.

It really shouldn't come as a surprise that retailers are rethinking the self-checkout philosophy.  Retailers like Dollar General and Five Below have announced they were eliminating self-checkout due to the high rate of disappearing merchandise.

Some retailers like Walmart or Brookshire's still have self-checkouts with an employee dedicated to the self-checkout area.  They want you to believe it is for assistance, but really... they have to have someone there to keep an eye on the merchandise.

So at least Target is keeping self-checkouts for now.  But now they are going to be "Express Self-Checkouts,"  with a limit of 10 items or less.

People... this is why we can't have nice things....

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