Back in the 1990s, you probably wanted to skip a lot of these, even though you couldn't. Because in 1992, you didn't have a DVR. Your best option to do that was to record something onto a VHS tape, then fast forward. But what a hassle.

But now, we're happy that we used VHS tapes to record SNICK, X-Files, WWF, or any other 90s classic, when you had something else going on. Because now some of those tapes are getting rediscovered, and their owners are transferring that glorious 90s media into digital copies.

So now, we get these little visual time capsules. Little windows into the life we had. Before cell phones were a standard part of everyone's day. A time when you could actually take a vacation and not be reached. When you had to check your answering machine when you got back home, because if you weren't weren't available.

If you get on Youtube (imagine explaining the concept of YouTube to your 1997 self too) you can find a transport back to your younger years. In fact, here's a look at some Shreveport specific classics....From malls to video stores, here's a trip down memory lane in Shreveport, through TV commercials that 90s Shreveport kids will remember...

Video-One - Ten Locations (1990)

Louisiana Gas Service - with Ernest (80s and 90s)

Mall St. Vincent - Holidays (1996)

Campo - Grand Opening (1994)

Mega Buck Thunder - National Bull Ride Championship (1996)

Linwood Auto Mile (1994)

Fox 33 - Teacher Of The Week

Putt-Putt Golf & Games - Birthday Party Package (1990)

Water Town USA - Season Pass (1994)

Sonny's Catfish & Seafood - Boat (1997)

Krewe of Gemini Inaugural Bal and Parade 1990

Do You Remember These 7 Historic Shreveport Drive-In Theatres?

Gallery Credit: LSUS Archives and Special Collections department of the Noel Memorial Library