Before 318 Restaurant Week Wrapped Up, I Had to Have at Least One 318 Restaurant Experience.

One of my favorite Chefs in Shreveport put on "A Taste of Lion Mountain African Dining Experience". Chef Niema let Shreveport residents travel to where she was born and raised. She and the rest of the team from Niema’s Cookery Corner brought her cultured cuisine to guests at Southern University at Shreveport’s Museum.

Niema’s Cookery Corner is a restaurant that specializes in West African and Caribbean cuisine. This spot is well known for its oxtails and cuisine that we normally wouldn't be able to enjoy in Shreveport so any special ticketed dinner from this spot will be epic.

The Vibes Were Unreal and It Was a Beautiful Reminder of Why We Love 318 Restaurant Week.

This experience was a great way for many people to connect with people that they normally wouldn't connect with, we all were seated in random tables and it was such a fun experience. Chef Niema sat down in between courses and shared her story of being raised in Sierra Leone and how she came to not only live in Shreveport but love the community she feeds.

Thank you to all who took time to love on their locally owned and operated restaurants. Thank you to the team that puts on 318 Restaurant Week, it was one for the books.

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