Before I Moved to Louisiana I Had Only Heard of Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Looking at what Rougarou is said to look like, I guess Bigfoot has a cousin down in the Bayou. Louisianans grew up hearing the legends of the Rougarou. Where can you find this scary creature? In a swamp of course.

You can go on a hunt and look for a Rougarou yourself, but be careful, legend has it that the creepy creature lurks in the swamps and preys on unsuspecting souls. That doesn't sound like a fun weekday night, however, there is something that you can go discover.

You Can Go on a Hunt For the Swamp Monter With Your Tastebuds.

This Rougarou-themed restaurant in Franklinton, Louisiana has a crazy epic menu and you need to be on high alert, there are a bunch of Rougarou's lurking in the restaurant. The Swamp Monster is a casual restaurant and the food looks so unreal. There is a po-boy that looks like you will need to be wheeled out of the restaurant if you finish it in one sitting.

Swamp Monster Via Facebook,
Swamp Monster Via Facebook,

The entire menu looks like an adventure, you have to pace yourself so you don't need a nap during the drive home. If you want to check out the epic Rougarou-themed restaurant have a couple of buddies join you, the address is 913 Washington st, Franklinton, LA, United States, Louisiana.

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