Is Anyone Else Sick of All the Political Texts Yet?

I will get an alert of a text and rush to my phone just to be instantly annoyed. Why do people think that these text blasts work? If anything they just remind me why I hate politics in the first place. I am starting to have flashbacks of how horrid the 2020 presidential race was. Did you ever catch yourself saying "I'll vote for literally anybody else." Well, if you live in Texas you may be able to. A 35-year-old middle school math teacher and Army vet from Texas was eager to change his name before the 2024 election. The North Richland Hills man has legally changed his name to "Literally Anybody Else", why? To run for president of course.

If Literally Anybody Else gets on the ballot then you can see Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Literally Anybody Else right below them. Right now, Mr. Else is on a mission to collect 113,000 signatures from nonprimary voters who didn't vote in the presidential primaries in Texas, It won't be easy however Literally Anybody Else is eager and determined. Can he pull it off? Is this just a way to get famous?

Now we wait to see if this man will actually make it on the ballot. It's his first year of eligibility and he says it is more of an idea Literally Anybody Else said "300,000 million people we can do better"

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