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If you live in Shreveport-Bossier, you know driving on I-20 is an absolute nightmare right now. Between a massive construction project, accidents, 18-wheelers driving in places they shouldn't - it just flat out sucks. And that's about the nicest thing I can say about the whole situation.

Well, due to all those issues, there's been an unconfirmed rumor going around that Louisiana DOTD was going to shut down I-20 to all traffic. Today, DOTD along with officials from Shreveport and Bossier, held a press conference to update folks on the project and address those very rumors.

Will Interstate 20 Be Closed to All Traffic?

As mentioned above, due to 18-wheelers breaking the rules and driving on I-20 and causing dozens of accidents, rumors have been swirling that I-20 is about to get shut down to avoid any more issues.

Today, DOTD addressed those rumors. You can hear the full response below, but basically here's what DOTD spokesperson Erin Buchanan had to say - I-20 isn't getting closed down and that they are making every effort to keep folks safe, including issuing citations & fines to truckers breaking the rules by driving on I-20.

Here's the Full Video as streamed by KSLA News 12:

That Doesn't Mean They Won't Shutdown I-20

The main headline is no, I-20 (specifically westbound) isn't being closed. However, if you really pay attention, Erin says that the possibility is being analyzed. So, in short, the rumor had some basis in reality and it's not completely off the table. I'm sure everyone wants to keep I-20 open. But, the flipside to that is you can't put motorists and workers at risk. So, if these horrible accidents keep happening, you have to consider what the next step will be. And it seems the next step is possibly shutting down I-20 westbound.

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