As much as you'd not like to admit it, you've seen this scenario play out. It's late at night in your home or apartment, you go to the kitchen or bathroom and turn on the light only to catch a glimpse of a cockroach or two scurrying away as they try to find the darkness. When you see those nasty insects it freaks you out and so you no longer want that slice of pizza from the refrigerator at 1:45 in the morning or you've lost your urge to go pee because you now feel it running down your legs!

We've all been there, no matter how clean your house Dallas, Texas home is roaches may still find their way in, especially if you've got some dirty neighbors living next door.

Unfortunately, roaches are here to stay. They weren't even killed off when the dinosaurs were killed off millions of years ago. According to mined data from Pest Gnome, several Texas cities are among the 'Roachiest Cities In America', a distinction that no city wants but they've got it now. The report took a look at the share of homes with signs of roaches in the past 12 months, the number of extremely hot days, and the number of pest control workers and found that Houston has a major roach infestation.

Top 10 Roachiest Cities In America

1 Houston, TX
2 San Antonio, TX
3 Tampa, FL
4 Phoenix, AZ
5 Las Vegas, NV
6 Miami, FL
7 Atlanta, GA
8 Birmingham, AL
9 Dallas, TX
10 Oklahoma City, OK

Houston takes home the distinction of being the 'Roachiest City In America' because 37% of homes show signs of roaches in conjunction with sweltering heat and humidity, which Texans dislike but roaches thrive on.

Prevent A Roach Infestation In Your Home

There are a couple of easy things to do:

  • keep your home clean
  • clean up crumbs
  • seal off entry points
  • fix any leaking pipes

Doing these things will lower your chance of those nasty critters taking up residence in your bathroom, kitchen, and man cave. If you see some, grab one of those motels where they check in, but don't check out real fast.

Ways To Rid Your Home Of Roaches

  • step on them
  • use of baking soda
  • use of boric acid with sugar and water
  • citrus or peppermint sprays
  • diatomaceous Earth
  • professional pest control services

Ridding your home of roaches is much easier than bed bugs. Let's hope though you have neither of these issues. I'll leave you with this, I asked AI what is it about roaches and it told me that roaches can go without food for a month and survive without their heads for weeks because of their decentralized nervous system. So, if you plan on stepping on one to kill it, make sure you plant that step and actually kill it.

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