Each year thousands of Californians are leaving the Golden State in favor of The Lone Star State. There are many reasons why they're looking to relocate to Texas, political, financial, and personal are a few. When it comes to finding a new place to live in Texas these new residents seem to be settling in and around these two North Texas cities.

Just north of Dallas sits Collin County, a once rural farm-land county that is now a sprawling suburb of Dallas and its two major cities have seen a population explosion over the last five years. Plano and Frisco have become the magnet for Californians. In 2022, more than 668,000 moved to Texas.

The fertile farmland has been transformed over the years and has dramatically grown and expanded welcoming new businesses, restaurants, and residential areas.

What's happened to the home prices since the influx of California residents in Plano and Frisco?

Dramatic increase in the price of homes. Before the pandemic, a single-family home in Frisco was valued at $400,000 (2019), five years later that same home is valued at $700,000 as of March 2024 according to SFGATE. The prices are very similar in Frisco. Californians seem to be relocating to this area because many corporate headquarters have moved to this part of Texas and Dallas.

It's just not Californians moving to Collin County either.

Many people from the West Coast, including Seattle and Portland, along with others from New York City and Florida are turning to this hot spot in North Texas and calling it home.

These new Texas residents will have to get used to our dialect, our hospitality, Tex-Mex and barbecue, and a different way of living.

Welcome to Texas Y'all, just don't California my Texas!

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