A photo has been circulating on social media that shows a small SUV on its side as it is propped up against a pole in a parking lot.

This bizarre incident reportedly happened in the parking lot of the Walmart store in Eunice, Louisiana.

As bizarre as this may look, and it is a bizarre accident, this is not the first time we've seen a vehicle hit a pole in a Walmart parking and then proceed to climb up it.

We are told by an eyewitness that the woman in this SUV was assisted out of it by a bystander and a member of the Eunice Police Department. The eyewitness tells me that the driver of this vehicle did not appear to be injured.

I did reach out to the Eunice P.D. and we're waiting to hear back from them in regards to this crash in the parking lot.

However, this photo is a great reminder for all to slow down in parking lots and to be aware of your surroundings when driving through a parking lot.

Another photo under this one on social media shows another pole in the same parking lot surrounded by shopping carts. It too appears to have been previously hit by a vehicle.

Christina Brown Facebook
Christina Brown Facebook


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