No, you're eyes aren't failing you, the inspection stick on your vehicle in Louisiana may be losing its initial color.

One of the hottest debates in recent months in Louisiana has been inspection stickers. Many across the state would like to be eliminated from vehicles, while others cite the revenue they bring in.

Well, we have something else to address with inspection stickers and that is the color fading on some issued from the start of the 2024 year.

Louisiana State Police say that they are aware that stickers issued through 2026 are fading in color. The "26 " stickers initially have a yellowish tint to them, but after exposure to the sun, the stickers fade to a clear or white color.

Louisiana State Police Car
Photo courtesy of LSP

State Police want the public to know that they are aware of this defect and that you do not have to do anything about the sticker fading. No, you do not need to get a new one or have your "26" inspection sticker replaced if it is fading.

Years ago we had an issue with inspection stickers losing their adhesive after being exposed to extreme summer temperatures, now it is the color fading from those issued after January 1st up to the present day.

Here's the announcement from the Louisiana State Police.


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