A couple of police officers in Franklin, Louisiana had no choice but to defend themselves after a group of kids in a park went on the offense.

No, this isn't what you think, there wasn't any crime being broken here, but the kids did seem to be the aggressors---in a water balloon fight.

The officers in Franklin had some fun with kids in a park and when the time came to engage in "battle" the officers were more than happy to toss a few water balloons towards the kids.

Kenyatta Dmidd
Kenyatta Dmidd

As you'll see in the video below, you can see that the kids and the officers enjoyed this interaction and fun. After all, with all the equipment these officers had on, I bet they enjoyed this opportunity to "cool down."

In recent years we have seen videos like this, of police officers interacting with kids, and this is where the line of communication and trust begins. We applaud the police officers in Franklin for taking time out for the kids and for showing these kids that they can be trusted and are there to protect them.

You'll love everything about this "battle" in the park. Now, who do you think won?


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