Nicolas Cage used to own property in the New Orleans area for some time. Two properties he owned ended up being auctioned off in 2009. The real estate bust and financial downturn that started in 2008 ended up hitting Cage hard.

The properties were being auctioned off by Regions Bank at the time because of foreclosure due to tax issues, and Regions Bank ended up buying those two properties. They purchased the LaLaurie Mansion which is said to be haunted and the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel.

Cage spent time in Louisiana acting in films, but some people think the most interesting thing about Nicolas Cage and his connection to New Orleans is that he decided to buy a tomb in the city.

Nicolas Cage's Pyramid Tomb
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Nicolas Cage bought two burial plots in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 which is located at 425 Basin Street in New Orleans. Now, why he decided to do this remains a mystery and the focus of multiple conspiracy theories. Maybe the guy just really loves New Orleans so much he decided it should be his final resting place.

One of the reasons a person might suspect that there are conspiracy theories surrounding his purchase of the burial plots is what kind of tomb he picked to place at the site. The tomb is a nine-foot-tall stone pyramid. The writing on the tomb is a Latin phrase, "Omnia Ab Uno" which translates to "Everything From One".

What Does It Mean?

Cage has never said.

Why Is It Shaped Like a Pyramid?

No one knows the answer to that question either. What we do know is that the pyramid tomb is one of the many tourist sites in the city of New Orleans.

Here is another picture of his tomb:

Here is Nicolas Cage visiting his pyramid tomb with the woman he would later marry:

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