As Ozzy Osbourne basks in the glow of being selected for a second induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he’s throwing his support behind another long-overlooked act.

Motorhead have to be [inducted],” he tells Rolling Stone. “They should definitely be in.”

Osbourne then proceeded to heap praise on Motorhead’s departed frontman: “In my opinion, Lemmy Kilmister was the ultimate metal guy. He lived blues, meth, and malt brews. And he was a dear friend of mine. I really miss not having Lemmy around anymore,” Osbourne said.

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“What I liked about Lemmy is he didn’t give a fuck who you were,” he added. “If you asked him a question, he’d tell you what he thought. If you asked what he thought of a song, he’d say, ‘It’s crap.’ And he’d tell you. And he’s like, ‘If you don’t like my answer, then don’t give me the question.’”

Motorhead has been eligible for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame since 2003. Despite that, the band has only been nominated once, in 2020, five years after Kilmister’s death.

Ozzy Osbourne Says Foreigner Is Now a ‘Cover Band’

Osbourne also chimed in on some of this year’s other inductees. He said he was happy to see Foreigner get elected, insisting “they should have got in ages ago.” Still, Osbourne wasn’t so positive regarding the band’s current lineup.

“Foreigner now, that ain’t Foreigner,” Osbourne argued, alluding to a lineup made up of musicians who joined in the 2000s. “It’s like a cover band.”

Osbourne also said Cher “should have gotten in years ago,” expressed approval of Mary J. Blige’s election and suggested that Mariah Carey – who was nominated but not selected this year – deserved to get in.

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