In 2023, there were 30 reports of UFOs throughout Louisiana according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

So far in 2024, it has been a bit slower of a year for UFO reports.

However, this year there have been five reports of UFO activity according to NUFORC, and 3 of the 5 are right here in Acadiana.

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Louisiana UFO Sightings 2024

Of the 5 UFO reports in Louisiana, two of them happened in Lafayette and one in Duson.

The first report of 2024 happened only a week into the new year and the latest report happened a few days into May.

Although there have only been 5 UFO sightings reported to the National UFO Reporting Center, there certainly have been many more that have gone unreported.

Many times people see things they can't explain but don't know how or where to report them, or they're concerned they'll be ridiculed if they talk about it.

UFO sightings are often associated with conspiracy theories and science fiction, leading many to worry that others will think they are delusional or seeking attention.

Some people might be concerned about privacy and the potential consequences of coming forward with their sightings, such as unwanted attention from media or UFO enthusiasts.

Before we move forward, just know that if you do see something like a UFO, you can report your experience anonymously to the National UFO Reporting Center and they will investigate and document the experience.

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Unfortunately, there are no accompanying photos or videos with these reports, but many reports out of Louisiana do. You can take a look at all of the Louisiana UFO reports over at

Below are the 5 UFO reports in Louisiana so far in 2024.

01/07/2024 - Natchitoches, Louisiana

Object Reported - Sphere

Characteristics - Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted other objects, Emitted beams

"Bright sphere that produced no sound. Object was a bright white sphere in a self induced haze it shot a smoke ring-style light from the front of the craft that expanded into the air. It traveled for about two minutes and disappeared into a cloud."

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01/10/2024 - Hebert, Louisiana

Object Reported - Metallica/Silver Teardrop

Characteristics -  Aura or haze around object

"My children and I had just left the Dollar General in Hebert, Louisiana and as I was driving we all saw a metallic/silvery teardrop object appear out of thin air in a perfectly clear blue sky (no clouds). As I was reaching for my phone out of my pocket and to pull aside on the road for a video/picture it created some sort of fog or cloud around itself and it disappeared. This was not a balloon, helicopter, air plane, nor a blimp."


Dollar General
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04/10/2024 - Duson, Louisiana

Object Reported - Circle

Characteristics - Small fast moving white or light objects in sky all directions.

"I was out with my camera taking photos of sunset. At least 80 or more small lights darting across the sky. All directions really fast. Some hovered briefly then darted off fast."


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- Lafayette, Louisiana

Object Reported - Other

Characteristics - A straight line with 23 lights steering slowly a but faster than airplane.

"At first appeared to be a slow comet but when overhead it appeared to be an airplane exhaust but with 23 lights in a straight line heading East South East from River Road near the Lafayette regional airport. I would guess a similar altitude of an airplane moving faster 1000 mph or more..."

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05/03/2024 - Lafayette, Louisiana

Object Reported - Orb

Characteristics - Lights on object

"After seeing these orbs, I backed my truck up to get my phone inside my house to take a photo and came back outside and the orbs were gone. It looked like a satellite deployment but it seems like they would not have disappeared within the 30 seconds it took me to backup in my truck, run in the house and look back to the NW.

There was a main larger orb in front and smaller orbs following the front orb."

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