Fans of the New Orleans Saints know Jimmy Graham as one tough customer. The All-Pro tight end for the Black and Gold has "faced death" several times catching balls running through the teeth of an opposing NFL defense but now the football star is looking for a different kind of challenge.

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Jimmy Graham is Planning to Row Across an Ocean?

That's right Jimmy Graham the basketball player turned tight end has joined a four-member team for what is known as the Arctic Challenge. The "challenge" will be quite different than any Graham has faced on the football field. He will be one of four athletes on board the vessel which seeks to make the Arctic Ocean crossing in just over two weeks.

Fans of Jimmy Graham know him for his incredible play on the field and his generous support of the community off the field. The Arctic Challenge will be no different. The project hopes to inspire young minds and challenge the next generation to push beyond beliefs that limit them.

The project is being done with the support of the Jimmy Graham Foundation, Covenant House, and Laureus Sport for Good. Those organizations are all non-profits and they all serve a similar mission in their support of disadvantaged youth.

Along with Graham will be Hannah Huppi. Hanna is no stranger to the water she was captain of the women's rowing team at Tulane. Her husband John will join the team as equipment manager. He too is no stranger to tasks such as this. He is currently employed as the Women's Rowing coach at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Andrew Topp a Houston area businessman will serve as captain of the mission. He too has an extensive background in rowing and has served as a Navy SEAL. He has also won national championships in rowing.

Preparations for the quest are already underway and the group says they hope to break some world records once they get into the water. That splashdown will have to wait a few months since the crew won't hit the water until July of 2025.

In addition to being an inspirational and motivational journey, it is also a fundraiser. If you'd like to support the mission or the beneficiaries of the mission you may learn more by following this link.

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