The great thaw-out of South Louisiana was in full effect this afternoon and it was really doing its thing this afternoon at LSU in Baton Rouge.

According to reports, and some pretty dramatic videos, a pipe burst on the third floor of Patrick F. Taylor Hall on campus this afternoon, causing water to cascade down into the first and second levels.

A little bit of irony is that this is the Engineering building. But we digress.

Here's one of the videos showing water pouring into the first floor through a large hole in the ceiling.

Water traveled down the bottom two floors through the ceilings and elevators.

And here's an even more dramatic video posted on X via @BalconyBengals.

LSU was scheduled to start the Spring 2024 semester on Tuesday but canceled classes due to the inclement weather. Then the university decided to resume classes today (Wed, Jan. 17) at 12:30 pm.

The pipe bursts while classes were taking place.

Classes were canceled in the section of the building that was affected by the busted pipe.

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