As a native son of the "marginally okay" state of Mississippi, I am always excited to share my culture with my dear friends in Louisiana and Texas. After watching the video we're about to share you might not think the word "culture" would apply to the situation. But, it kind of does. Especially if you find yourself near Oxford, the home of the University of Mississippi. 

Alabama v Ole Miss
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Take a short journey back in time with me to the wee small hours of Sunday morning, December 3, 2023. Usually, the 4 am hour on a Sunday morning in the sleepy town of Oxford Mississippi is really quiet. There's not much going on unless you happen to be at the Oxford location of Waffle House.

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And even then, on a typical Sunday morning, the early crowd at the Oxford Waffle House is pretty sedate. Mainly it's over-the-road drivers stopping in for breakfast. Or, there might be some late-night revelers grabbing something greasy to ward off a hangover before going to bed. But this past Sunday morning was different. A lot different.

@sadolemisssimp via X
@sadolemisssimp via X

Yeah, that's a guy swinging a Waffle House chair at another patron.

The video you're about to see is quite graphic in terms of violence. It's quite epic in terms of human beings "acting the donkey". If you thought the brawl along the Montgomery Alabama waterfront earlier this year was epic, just wait until you see what happens when Waffle House meets WWE in a no-holds-barred, waffle-tossing, chair-swinging, battle royale.

By the time the video stopped, I think everybody was at least scattered. I am not sure if anyone got smothered or covered but we do know Oxford Police were called. As of this report, we have not been made aware of the charges, if any, that were filed. As of now, there has been no official response from either Oxford Police or Waffle House management.

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