Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a name familiar to many for her complex past and extensive media coverage, has been spotted recently in Lafayette, Louisiana. The numerous Gypsy sightings in the area are more than likely due to family connections, with her sister attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and other family members living south of Lafayette. Despite living in Lake Charles with her husband, Blanchard's trips to Lafayette have definitely sparked curiosity among locals.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, Instagram
Gypsy Rose Blanchard, Instagram

The buzz around Gypsy Rose grew louder when a photo of her sporting a fresh hair and makeup look was shared on social media by Kylie Duhon, a stylist at SOHO of River Ranch. The image showcased Blanchard looking significantly different from the person many remember from court appearances or as portrayed in documentaries and films. Gypsy's new, blonder look has caught the attention of Lafayette residents and beyond, showing Blanchard in a light many haven't seen before.

I spoke with Duhon who told me that Blanchard's salon visit was somewhat incognito, booked under a different name. Despite the initial surprise, Blanchard was open and friendly, willingly taking photos with staff and visitors at the salon. Her pleasant demeanor and interaction with those at SOHO left a lasting positive impression, with Duhon and others describing her as incredibly kind.

What made this particular makeover different for Blanchard is that it differed significantly from her past public appearances which were often for television where makeup was applied primarily for the camera. Based on all the reactions, her time at SOHO appears to have been a positive experience, not just for Blanchard but for everyone who had the chance to meet her and snap a selfie or two.

Blanchard seems to have a special spot for Lafayette, particularly the River Ranch area and its boutiques that she described as "amazing." Her recent visits and the changes we've seen hint at a brighter path after her rocky past.

Though views on her history will probably always remain mixed, the current buzz in Lafayette about Blanchard from those who have crossed paths with her is good. Plus, her new style seems to match her fresh outlook. Here's hoping she continues to enjoy Lafayette and keeps moving in the right direction.

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