In a display of holiday cheer and love for all things, Buc-ee's, Deanna Vaters and her husband Paul from Williamson County have stunned their colleagues with a larger-than-life gingerbread recreation of the famed Bastrop Buc-ee's, complete with miniature versions of her coworkers.

The duo, known for their annual gingerbread creations, embarked on this year's ambitious project inspired by the iconic Buc-ee's.

It's almost too pretty to eat!

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Deanna and Paul ventured to the Bastrop Buc-ee's for inspiration, snapping photos and mapping out the store's layout. Armed with gingerbread, icing, and an array of candy, they meticulously crafted a snowy village reminiscent of the well-known stop. Adding authenticity, they adorned the creation with Buc-ee's signage, tiny model cars, and ingenious photo cutouts portraying coworkers engaged in various activities like refueling, handling luggage, walking dogs, and changing tires.

Expressing her delight, Vaters shared with NBC DFW, "Every year, I capture my coworkers in these poses. It's become a fun tradition, and my colleagues eagerly anticipate how they'll feature in the gingerbread scene each time."

Overflowing with enthusiasm, she told NBC DFW, "We adore spreading joy, especially during the holiday season. Creating these displays is a true labor of love for us, and it's heartwarming to witness how much people appreciate our efforts."

The gingerbread Buc-ee's masterpiece now stands proudly on display at the Williamson County Tax Assessors Office, captivating coworkers and visitors alike with its festive charm and creative homage to the much-adored Texas landmark.

Fans of this massive convenience store never cease to amaze us. What will Buc-ee's fans do next?

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