When it comes to UFOs, we're always compelled to look up at the sky and ask if we're really alone. And with recent high-profile congressional hearings, scientific expeditions, and wild claims from all over, we can't not continue to think about the possibilities.

There are websites all over the internet that are devoted to sharing pictures and videos and asking questions. Entire online communities are so eager to prove that there is proof of extraterrestrial visits to Earth that they find something that looks pretty compelling and they have to share it.

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Over on Reddit, one user posted a video that seems to show a UFO-like object floating above the clouds. The video is compelling because of where it was taken: Aboard a plane in-flight.

Flying saucer captured on video over Columbia two weeks ago.
byu/dhr2330 inaliens

If you were looking out of your plane's window and saw a dark object flying by above the clouds, I wouldn't blame you for thinking you just saw a UFO. That's what I thought I saw when I watched the video above.

It's a dark object, an odd shape, and it's above the cloud line. That's absolutely cause for concern, right?

What's in the Sky in Colombia?

So, is it a UFO? Probably not.

As it turns out, Colombia has a lot of balloon-type objects in the sky. In Colombia, there is a type of balloon known as a "globo solar," or solar balloon.


But balloons appear to be a frequent cause of concern for people who keep an eye on the sky. Back in 2017, a Google balloon was confused for a UFO and caused a panic before it went down.

Other airline passengers - and even pilots - have seen similar objects in the sky, however.

An alternative theory, seen on Reddit, is that the object is a mylar balloon - much like one shot down over the Arctic back in February.

"Clouds and sky give almost no reference of size or distance," one Reddit comment explained. "The relative speed and angle of the plane gives the illusion of speed when the object in question could just be sitting still or drifting in the wind. Also we don't know the altitude of the plane. Nor do we know if is over a populated area. In conclusion I wish like hell I could call it definitive. But I can't."

What do you think? Is there life out there? Has it found its way here?

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