A French nun has gone viral after tackling a protestor who was attempting to halt the construction of a new religious center in a small French town.

While the nun has yet to be identified, she appears to belong to the Famille Missionnaire de Notre-Dame (Missionary Family of Our Lady) in Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier, located in the Bourges Valley in France.

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The footage, which has been spreading like wildfire across the internet, shows the nun chasing a protestor who was part of a larger group protesting the construction of a pilgrim center in the village. The nuns were themselves standing guard over construction equipment in an effort to stop the climate protestors from chaining themselves to the construction equipment.

Here's a look at the nun, who was using pretty good form while taking the protestor down.

Construction on the project originally began in December 2018. The current plans include constructing a basilica that could hold 3,500 people. But the construction has faced significant backlash from environmental organizations including several demonstrations halting the process.

They claim that the area is home to rare plant species that have not been properly protected. What's more, they claim the proper environmental impact studies haven't been made.

However, additional environmental studies on the area were conducted in 2022, allowing the building to continue.

"Watch this Nun tackle a climate protestor," one person commented on X (formerly known as Twitter). "I think the Nun must have played football at some time in her life!"

"In imagery pregnant with symbolism indeed," another wrote, "a French nun tackles a climate protestor who was attempting to sabotage the construction of a new Christian centre in Ardèche."

It is unclear if the Chicago Bears have reached out to sign the nun to their struggling defense.

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