Baton Rouge, LA (KPEL News) - More than 26,000 Louisiana residents have money waiting for them to claim. Louisiana State Treasurer John Schroder announced that nearly $8-million in unclaimed tax refunds has been released from the Department of Revenue, and he's ready to send it to the people to whom it is owed.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue attempted to notify tax filers in July that the deadline to claim the funds was August 28, 2023, before they were sent to the Unclaimed Property fund.

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To be exact, 26,273 unclaimed tax refunds worth $7.9-million need to get to the rightful owners. Schroder explained:

These funds are now easily accessible to individuals who might have inadvertently lost track of their tax refunds.

One in six Louisiana residents have unclaimed property.

Shockingly, roughly $900-million is sitting with the Louisiana State Treasurer's Office, waiting to be claimed. The funds aren't all tax refunds. The money could be from old bank accounts you forgot about, outstanding checks, life insurance benefits you weren't aware of, stock dividends, and even deposits from utility accounts. According to the website, unclaimed property checks average about $900.

Over the last 50 years, nearly 1.4-million checks have been issued to the rightful owners by the State Treasurer totaling $727-million. The Unclaimed Property Program began with Act 146 of the 1972 Louisiana Legislative Session and was signed by then-Governor Edwin Edwards.

Most folks know if "the tax man" owes them money back, but it's easy to find out if you've got some cash you didn't know about, tax or otherwise.

You can check whether your name is on the state tax refund list or any other by visiting or calling 888-925-4127. Simply search your name and file a claim.

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