Artificial Intelligence has been making a lot of waves lately, but AI art might be one of the most interesting uses for the various computer codes and algorithms that make are "thinking" for themselves.

When the Barbie movie was released this summer, someone decided to use AI to create a "Barbie doll" from each state. More recently, someone took the fabulous wardrobe of LSU women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey and used AI to place it on LSU football coach Brian Kelly, and the results were hilarious.

So, we asked an AI mobile app, StarryAI, to create a "Generic Mayor" for a handful of Louisiana cities. Here's what it created.

Mayors of Louisiana Towns, According to AI

We asked an AI app to draw what it thought the mayors of various Louisiana cities looked like. Here are the results.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

Does that match what you'd imagine if you were asked to create a mayor for these cities?

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