Lafayette, Louisiana (KPEL News) - People, especially gentlemen, cringe at the thought of having to decide what to get their love for Valentine's Day. Louisiana ladies almost always want crawfish, but that may be hard to come by this year. I'm here to tell you that what women really want may surprise you.

Let me tell you a story that will help you understand the suggestions provided at the end of this article.

One Christmas, I decided I would make the gift-giving experience really easy on my husband. I told him in October exactly what I wanted-- a jewelry armoire-- and exactly where to buy it.

I woke up on December 25th with great expectations and, along with the children, looked around the living room for a giant, colorfully-wrapped box that might hold my new piece of furniture.


The children opened their gifts, and so did we. He gets up from his chair and proceeds outside. My heart did a little jig in my chest. Yippee!

Then in walks my beloved spouse holding a Dutch oven. A pot.

"I know this isn't what you wanted for Christmas," he says, "and it's NOT your gift. But I know you said you wanted one, so I thought I'd go ahead and buy it."

My response was a quizzical expression. Or maybe it was the look one gives when they are contemplating how best to end someone's life.

"When I got to the store, they were out of those things you wanted," he says.

I got a pot for Christmas.

Turns out, my husband was listening. He heard me say I really wanted one of those oblong pots we Louisiana women need in our kitchen to cook big meals for our families.

Truth be told, it's been the best gift ever because we still use it almost every week to this day.

What, you might ask, does this have to do with what women WANT for Valentine's Day?


She wants to know you are paying attention, that you see her, and you appreciate her.

Here are some suggestions that will make her heart happy and you a big winner in the gift-giving department.


You may be a great team when it comes to tackling life and family. But, is she tired? Does she keep track of schedules, shuffle kids to and from all the activities, plan dinner, mop the floors, do the laundry?

Give her a break.

Most women will agree that a gift certificate for a massage, a pedicure, a facial, or something she wouldn't get for herself checks all the boxes. And then make sure, especially if you have little kids, that she has time to cash it in.


A change of scenery, even if it's close to home, does wonders for recharging.

Something that frustrates women is always having to decide where to go or make the plans.

Surprise her with a mini-trip to somewhere she would enjoy. Book a hotel room or short-term rental space through AirBNB or VRBO.

Louisiana has some fabulous short-trip options. You could leave Saturday morning and be back Sunday afternoon.


Have you heard her mention a place she enjoys shopping?

If not, take notice of what she's wearing or a new purse she got. Ask her about it and remember the name.

When she gets that gift, she will know you were paying attention. The gift won't mean nearly as much as knowing you were.


Does she enjoy gardening? How about a gardening set with gloves, a trowel, and snips? Throw in a new plant, and voila!

Is she an avid reader? Look into an e-reader, if she doesn't have one, or a gift card to a book store or online provider.

What does she enjoy doing that you aren't typically involved with? Consider a gift that communicates that you understand what she likes to do and that you support her. She will feel seen.


Hear me out.

Do you know what her favorite flower is? Truthfully, you don't even need to have them delivered. As long as you buy her a bouquet that includes the flower she favors, you win. Flowers just make people happy.

Don't forget the card. Be that person that stands in the card section for a half hour choosing the perfect one. It matters.

Both of those gifts, done correctly, communicate that you know her and want to make her smile.

If none of these specific suggestions fit the bill for your lady love, just pay attention. If you are, she will say something that gives you a clue about what she would like.

She wants to be seen and appreciated. Let your gift reflect that she is.

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