James Cameron doesn’t lack for confidence. And why should he? This is the guy who made the biggest movie in the history of the universe, and then he topped himself and made the biggest movie in the history of the universe a second time. If there is anything in the world of movies James Cameron can’t do, he hasn’t found it yet.

So you can understand Cameron’s attitude when he was asked by Empire just what to expect from the upcoming trilogy of ‘Avatar’ sequels. What to expect? How about pants-messing awesomeness? Here’s Cameron’s exact quote:

“I can tell you one thing about them: They’re gonna be bitchin’. You will s--t yourself with your mouth wide open.”

On the one hand, I love Cameron’s excitement about this project. He should be excited! If he’s not excited, why on Earth is he spending a decade of his life making these things? He doesn’t need the money, that’s for sure. On the other hand: Ew. I would prefer not to crap my pants in a movie theater.

Then again, perhaps this offers an opportunity for movie theaters to introduce a new upcharge to their menu. Forget 3-D. Forget IMAX. Get ready for ‘Avatar 2’ in... MESS-O-VISION. So intensely awesome, you will vacate your bowels! Heck they could even charge extra for vinyl seats! Or they could fine a rich sideline of additional revenue selling “satisfied” customers a new pair of shorts to wear home from the theater. They’re going make so much money, theater execs will be pooping themselves with their mouths wide open, starting promptly on December 25, 2016, when ‘Avatar 2’ debuts.

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