I love wrestling. Have ever since I was a kid. And oddly enough, the one person I remember most vividly isn't a wrestler. It isn't Ric Flair. It isn't Roddy Piper. It's good ol' JR, Jim Ross. He was, quite literally, the voice of my childhood. I learned how to tell stories by listening to Jim behind the commentary desk. When I think back, it's kind of insane how much a pudgy guy from Oklahoma who commentated on wrestling matches influenced my life.

And even more insane, who knew how influential Shreveport was on Jim Ross' career? It's pretty common knowledge that JR got his start in Mid-South Wrestling. But what most people may not know is that the only reason Jim ever got behind the mic was due to a screw up at KSLA. Or that his first TV suit was bought off the rack from the Dillards down the road!

I recently picked up a copy of JR's book 'Slobberknocker' and was shocked about how much JR talked about Shreveport. A faithful day in the Port city gave him his start in commentary, which is awesome. But Shreveport was also the scene of a hilarious story where our cowboy hat wearing hero had to pat down a blind man's genitalia. I know that sounds bad...but the story is hilarious and makes sense in context. I promise, JR wasn't intentionally trying to take liberties, he was actually trying to prevent a murder. You'll have to buy the book to get the full story.

Plus there are all sorts of other pretty awesome stories that revolve around Shreveport. If you're a fan of Jim Ross, wrestling or just fun Shreveport stories, you HAVE to pick up a copy of JR's book because it's pretty awesome.

If you're interested, you can pick up a copy of JR's book here.

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