So it looks like Joan Jett and Cherie Currie can put their differences aside and come together for filing a lawsuit against an indie record label called Main Man Records. The reason for the lawsuit is that the indie label wants to put out a tribute album of The Runaways. Apparently the indie label did not ask permission for the usage of their songs.  So they filed a lawsuit against them to hopefully stop the label from releasing a Runaways tribute album.  The lawsuit says that the label was using Joan and Cherie's names to help promote the album without the proper permission first, and also an employee who was working for Joan "used the connection they had with Joan to imply the label had her permission. The damages they are seeking havenot been released but what all that matters to them is that the album doesn't get released. Here's what their lawyer Oren J. Warshavskyhad to say about it the whole ordeal: "This isn't about money. This is strictly about preserving the reputation and quality that both Joan and Cherie are known for".  Well I am not sure what the end result will be with all this but either way I will keep you posted and all I ask of you is to keep rocking The Runaways!!!