A lawsuit has been raging in Louisiana since 2013 concerning the living conditions of prisoners on death row.  The concern is excessive heat in the holding cells for inmates who have been sentenced to die.  The contention from lawyers representing 3 individuals on death row, is that the conditions constituted cruel and unusual punishment.

Now, a federal judge in Baton Rouge has (seemingly) put an end to it.  U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson has conditionally dismissed this lawsuit, and as long as the state stays in "substantial compliance" with a 2016 agreement to supply inmates with fans, ice, daily showers, and coolers with ducted fans (like the "Cajun Cooler") to help these inmates stay cool during the sweltering Louisiana summers.  If all of the conditions are met, the dismissal will be permanent in November of this year.

All parties have agreed that this is an amenable compromise.  The Advocate reports that these measures will be made available to inmates once the heat index reaches above 88 degrees.

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