The solar eclipse is almost here!  Just before noon (11:57 am in Northwest Louisiana) tomorrow, the moon will pass in front of the sun.  It's a pretty awesome sight to see, but it's worth noting that not everyone will see it the same way.  For example, here in NW Louisiana - we will see the Moon only cover roughly 75% of the Sun's surface. See NASA maps showing the amount of moon-to-sun coverage during the eclipse based on what time it is and where you are geographically here.

One particular town that will be experiencing 100% coverage during this incredible celestial event is finding out that not everyone is happy with this heavenly show. According to, the group Kentuckians for Coal (KOC) plans to protest the 2017 Solar Eclipse tomorrow because it's getting too much attention.  The town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky is the target for this groups futile protest.

Hopkinsville is such a prime spot for viewing the eclipse, city officials expect to see a boom in tourism as thousands of folks from all around pour into hotels and restaurants. In the eyes of the KOC, that kind of attention belongs to much nobler pursuits - like the extraction of coal from the Earth.  Members of the coal loving group plan to picket eclipse-viewers with signs boasting slogans like:

You can count on coal 24/7. You can't always depend on the sun!

The Solar Industry Is Modernizing Us Out of Jobs!

Boycott the Eclipse!

Coal was good enough for my forefathers, it's good enough for me!

Obviously, the eclipse will still happen on schedule regardless of protests. See the entire press release here.

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