Yeah, I know -- Kim Kardashian getting naked is old news. The woman is such an attention whore that she'll drop trou for a mall opening. But there are a couple of noteworthy things about this latest photo shoot for France's Factice Magazine.

1) Kim has obviously cleaned out Kenye's shock of black market Twinkies.  The woman is the size of a prehistoric wildebeest.

2) WTF has happened to her face.  This looks like a Kim Kardashian wax figure that has been in the sun too long.  The overdose of plastic surgery and botox makes her look like something that crawled out of the bathtub in 'The Shining'. It's actually good that she's the size of a wildebeest. That much botox in anything smaller would have killed instantly.

All that aside, yeah, I'd still hit it. I'd need a couple of shots of the good stuff from Kenye's liquor cabinet and clearance from her gynecologist, but pencil me in for Thursday.

You can see the rest of the pictures from her photo shoot here.

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